Original Maps

Original China and Asia maps collected from all over the world

Beijing Postcards collects original maps of China and Asia as well as maps of cities and regions of China. The maps have been gathered from all around the world, including England, France, Germany, Italy, USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan and date from the last 300 years. Most of them have been removed from old atlases that were falling apart, some are from travel books, while others are single sheet maps made for collectors and connoisseurs of their time. Some are very rare and others more common but most quite beautifully and intricately hand coloured.

Our goal is to offer the best possible selection of antique maps of China and individual cities in China, as well as Asia and some world maps and occasionally other areas as well, and to charge fair and reasonable prices. There are several important factors in determining price, including replacement cost and earning a fair profit on each sale. In order to keep a large and interesting selection of maps available to customers, we must constantly buy new material.

We value maps based upon the age, rarity, decorative qualities, size, region, condition and other factors which we believe are relevant.

All of the maps we offer for sale are original antique maps.

On some occasions we do, however, offer to make reproductions of original antique maps. We have also for special events reproduced maps in limited edition.

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