The Beijing Postcards Christmas Extravaganza

The Beijing Postcards Christmas Extravaganza

Solve the mystery of the oracle bones while getting inspiration for your Christmas gifts in the century-old shopping district of Dashilar

In 1899, the old, distinguished scholar Wang Yirong went into a Beijing pharmacy. Among the usual fare of dried deer penises and tiger paws, he was surprised to see that dragon bones were on sale. Looking closely at these strange fossils, Wang noticed some peculiar characters, and soon he realized that the bones in his hand might not be coming from a dragon. Rather , the characters turned out to be the earliest documented Chinese characters. Wang Yirong determined that the small engravings were indeed around 3000 years old. Ever since, thousands of scholars have tried to break the many riddles these ancient bones contain.

On Saturday, November 30 and Sunday, December 1, we challenge you to a scavenger hunt based on the first Chinese documents known today. The Beijing Postcards Scavenger Hunt takes place in the historical shopping district of Dashilan, and you will have to find your answers in the neighborhood's narrow hutong lanes. Your quest will bring you to traditional brush-makers and pharmacies as well as silk, tea, and knife shops.

Apart from the scavenger hunt, you will also get an opportunity to attend a porcelain workshop with Caicifang who makes accessories from ancient pieces of porcelain. And last but not least the holiday spirit will be induced in your veins with mulled wine, dark ale, and Christmas pastry.


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Event Properties

Event date: 11-30-2019 12:00 AM
Event End Date: 12-01-2019 12:00 AM
Capacity Unlimited
Individual Price ¥260.00
Location Yangmeizhu Xiejie 97